My blog has successfully received a bit of a makeover, thanks to Dan. After a few minutes of watching my frustration with trying to figure out how to get it to look the way I wanted or a least back to how I had it, he took over and had it done in a fraction of the time it would have taken me. That man, he knows and loves me so well; even the words he chose in designing the background describe perfectly what I want my blog/life to be about.
I have been doing some thinking (again) about my blog in the last few days and why I write here. I started this blog on a whim almost two years ago after having a different one since college. I never had any goal of getting lots of readers or anything because I wasn’t even sure that I would stick with it for very long. However, I have really, really enjoyed writing here over the last couple of years and to my surprise, if my stats (although I quit using the silly stat counter which I checked far too much for a few days) and comments are a true depiction, I have more readers all the time. And while I love the comments that so often make me feel encouraged, loved, affirmed, and useful, as well as the connection to many of the people whom I miss daily interaction with, I’m surprised because really I don’t often have anything new, wise, or innovative to share. I am often embarrassed at the grammar mistakes and poorly worded sentences that I quickly type and post (Yes, I do fix them if ever I reread.). Unless I use an image that Dan took, I don’t even have great pictures. Regularly I am too long winded for my own good.

I often feel very vulnerable because I am seeing the whole picture when I write; the beautiful, the hard, the happy, the ugly. I know who I am but those reading don’t see the whole picture and so get to form their own thoughts and opinions.  But, I truly love this little space. I know that I likely would not write much at this stage in my life if I didn’t have this. I like looking back on the journey. I like that it gives me a chance to share things that I enjoy or care about. It makes my heart so happy to hear that I have encouraged some one through something I wrote. I feel like I am getting to teach when I post a tutorial. And really I also believe that I, like each person, has something of worth to share, to contribute.

Some people actually make a living with their blogs. I don’t think that I could or would want to do that. I couldn’t handle the pressure. But I am curious, if you would humor me. What is your favorite part about reading my blog? What is it that you most like to hear about? Is there something that you wish I would write about? And thanks for reading, thanks for sharing in my journey.