House pictures it is! Thanks for your input.
For a little background on our house, you can read this post but for a little recap, it is at least 114 years old (some long time locals say it is older) and is a duplex farmhouse which is an unusual combination. We know that two brothers built it together and lived on either side. They had a great deal of land with some being farmed, some a woodlot, and some pasture. We now own about seven acres. Our dream is to turn the one side into a guest house/bed and breakfast and to have a small working farm where we will welcome many to relax, refresh and to share our lives in this beautiful valley.

The house is beautiful with some special details although not particularly ornate. Structurally, it is very solid and well built; even much of the original plaster is in great condition. That being said, we came into this house a little naively in terms of the work that we had to do with the major renovation being the kitchen…or lack there of. So we have been living on one side while working on the side that we will live in. After taking a good deal longer than we had planned, we(mostly Dan) got it to the point that we could move in. There is still a lot left to be done as you will see but while I know love is a strong word, pretty much I love it. So with that long intro, here are some pictures.

The Living Room:

Our cozy living room. Eventually the floor will be stripped and seems it was common to paint the outer part and put a rug in the middle.

Oh, our wood stove. Such a blessing. Eventually the hearth will be covered by the beach stones we collected last fall. The heat shield is galvanized tin roof, thanks for the inspiration Mark and Lola!

The reading corner...

The place where cold people sit.

The girls's little nook with a crate; it is their house, the store, a tent, and many other things while the crate is their stove, table, book shelf, car etc!