Our harvest party is over and I think it was quite successful. With the rain, damp, and general cold of the weather, much of it ended up being indoors so with the 50ish people who came, we were cozy. But, it was pretty relaxed and fun with shared food, chatting and music; all with many lively children. Our rural wireless connection is acting up and I don’t have the energy to fight with trying to upload pictures so I will save them for another day.

Instead I am going to share a few links that I have been reading lately. Some are from the 31 dayers that I have been joining while others are just ones that I have been reading and thinking about.

  1. http://narrowpathstohigherplaces.com/  31 days of Why Church
  2. http://www.anoregoncottage.com/category/31-days-of-thrift-store-transformations/
  3. http://creating-our-home.blogspot.ca/2012/10/farm-patterns-31-days-of-activities.html
  4. http://www.thoughtful-living.org/2012/09/27/featured/polyface-farm-is-drought-proof-environmentally-safe-healthy/
  5. http://rachelheldevans.com/is-ambition-sin

What are you reading these days?