Our lives just received an added slight interesting dynamic for the next while.  It was a beautiful sunny spring day and as Dan had the morning off, we spent it outside doing the spring hen house clean out, turned the garden, and played with compost. The girls were in and out, offering a hand now and then or just sitting for a chat before running off to play again. Kathleen even tried her hand at hoeing the garden and tasting some compost while at it!

I’d just headed into the house to get lunch ready when I heard the wail from Cecily who was playing on the trampoline with Kathleen and her daddy. Cecily tends to get over bumps and bruises quite quickly so when she was still unwilling put any weight on her leg that had bent in a strange way, we thought we better have it checked. The good news is that it isn’t broken, though they did say that it can be very hard to tell with little ones. The bad news is that at this point she is unable to use it at all and is in a great deal of pain. Poor girl.

All that to say that there will be the challenging dimension of carrying/caring for Cecily until her leg heals. For her sake and mine, I am secretly hoping that she is going to wake up in the morning and find it all better. In some ways it would have almost been better if it had needed a cast because then the inevitable bumping wouldn’t be so painful. However, hopefully this way doesn’t take as much healing time. In the mean time, if you have any suggestions or practice at entertaining a small, typically very active child or creative pain management (including keeping Kathleen from unintentionally hurting Cecily), please share them.  I’m not very good at this.


I also wanted to let you know that I am sharing a post on how we involve the girls in our farming life over at Red and Honey today. I’d be honored if you would pop over there and check it out! http://redandhoney.com/2013/05/farming-with-children-thoughts-from-a-novice-homesteader/ Have you ever dreamed of farming or is it something that you
are getting into now? What are some things that you’d like to know or
advice that you would share?